Expo AuthSession Redirect Proxy

This service is for the Expo AuthSession library along with Expo Go. It provides a URL to which third-party authentication providers redirect clients after authenticating them. This URL is of the form:


For production apps, it is preferable for your app to navigate to the third-party authentication provider directly instead of using this service. Configure the authentication provider to redirect directly to your app, typically with a deep link with your app's own URL scheme. In your app, set the useProxy option to false (the default) when calling the promptAsync method, which configures your app not to use this service.

Due to web browser changes like WebKit's Tracking Prevention, the AuthSession proxy service may not work reliably in edge cases such as when a user's device is configured to block cookies or prevent cross-site tracking. The AuthSession proxy service does not track nor collect any user data but it requires cookies to correctly redirect back to your app after the user has authenticated with the third-party authentication provider. This service will not work if the browser's settings or heuristics block cookies.